INTP | neutrois catkin
cupio | pisces/aquarius

pls use it pronouns!!
( or any of these!! ).

my name is ichabod, but u can call me cronus or bee!!

i'll kiss u if u call me bumblebee!!

be nice to the local plants!!

dont be afraid to ask questions about anything!



my plants:
Air Plant - Gareth (coined - robotmanga)
Angel's Tears - Unnamed
Cactus Bowl - Kevin
Fuzzy Succulent - Unnamed
Irish Moss - Unnamed
Marimo - Kiku
Small Cactus - Unnamed
Small Succulent - Unnamed
Sprout - Unnamed
you can send in requests for what i should name them!!


crying over :
transformers 4, Zeitoun

reading :
Lay That Trumpet in Our Hands, Poe & Fanny, Me Talk Pretty One Day

watching :
horror movies, documentaries, cry plays: corpse party

listening to :
post-modern classical, vocaloid

taking requests!!

you can join my fandom family!!





Phenomena of the Harvard Museum of Natural History 3/3
I’m going to a science museum now…so yeah

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